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Vagina High

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66% of UK women aged 18-24 are ashamed to say the word ‘vagina’ to their doctor.

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Welcome to Vagina Academy, from Canesten. This world-first digital school opened its virtual doors in 2020, serving shame-free, interactive lessons in intimate health, led by open, knowledgeable, relatable teachers. The school launched in Brazil, a country where President Bolsonaro has recently backed abstinence-only sex education.  


Rolling out globally, Vagina Academy will flex to be hyper-relevant in every market, to cater for cultural nuances. For under-served communities, where this topic is most taboo, we’ll deliver the content through dark social (WhatsApp and WeChat). Mobile classrooms will help us to reach the most remote locations. We’ve led everything from strategy and concept through to local market implementation. 


To follow in 2020.


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