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Foot Locker

Shoes Don't Change The World



Foot Locker’s ambition is to build a more progressive future together with youth. The SDCTW EMEA platform does this by giving Foot Locker a purpose-led approach to partnering with Gen Z, by providing them with a stage to be heard and enabling them through brand action (donating resources, money or time towards relevant causes). 



For this year’s campaign, we wanted to amplify those who never really feel like they fit in, but who embrace this and inspire others to be themselves, with confidence. To tell this story, we worked with two inspirational Gen Z talents - Abisha and Jordan Charles.


Model and presenter Jordan is using his voice to celebrate albinism and being different. Abisha, London-based queer musician and singer-songwriter, is passionate in her mission of inspiring her audience to embrace their differences. 


For back to school season, we launched the second instalment of Foot Locker’s new brand platform, Shoes Don’t Change the World, Being Yourself Does – depicted in the stories of Jordan and Abisha and directed by Salim Adam, running in EMEA across retail, digital and social.


Delivering on the SDCTW platform: As a key principle, we focus on partnering with Gen Z and the BAME community throughout all levels of production. This included: director, talent, photographer, members of the production crew, media partners (TONL).


YoY uplift in sales

70M video views

400M media impression


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