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Commercial Banking



HSBC challenged us to create a content experience for its Commercial Banking division that would position it as a partner to businesses of all sizes, at every stage of their journey, across 70 sites in 50 markets. That meant our solution couldn’t be ‘one size fits all’.



We created an intelligent feed that delivers contextually relevant content, becoming increasingly tailored each time a user visits and as we learn about business lifecycles. The mind states we identified across SMEs and large commercial entities have driven every part of the project. To create a rich experience for each, we efficiently re-categorised thousands of pieces of existing content using a bespoke classification system. In the first instance, we tailor the user’s experience based on existing data, then they can customise their feed through filtering or voting content up and down. The feed launches globally in 2021.


MVP has just launched in Canada and Australia. Results to follow.

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