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Making a New Year’s Resolution is easy. Sticking with it is hard.

How can we get NTC users to stick with it beyond Blue Monday - the day statistically everyone falls off the wagon? 



A 60-minute workout every day? Tough. How about a six-minute workout? Just as Blue Monday rolled around, we helped athletes commit to being 1% better every day through Nike Training Club (NTC). We created a four-week training plan centred on the idea that little steps add up to significant progress over time. 

From Blue Monday to Leap Day, we created daily content in NTC that helped athletes to stay committed. The content served up tips and advice around five facets of training – movement, recovery, nutrition, mindfulness and sleep. And, knowing it’s easier to stick with a plan when you’re not alone, we showcased the fitness journeys of three Nike Influencers. This is the latest in our seven-year global partnership with Nike Training which has included award-winning NTC Pro, Nike Trained, and Stop Exercising Start Training. 


Uplift in sales 

13% Average CTR, outperformed previous benchmark (6%)

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